Enhancing Math Education with CAS and Other Technology Tools
"Find the Right Tool to Solve the Problem"
Attend the 11th International USACAS Expanded Technology Conference

Technology is revolutionizing Mathematics, STEM, and Science education.  Experience how educators can expose their students to technologies from basic calculations through Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) needed for the increasing demands of the workplace.

Come explore the future of Mathematics, STEM, and Science education!
  • Gain a perspective of how secondary and middle school teachers are using a wide range of technology tools that are effective for student learning.

  • Get classroom-tested activities developed for technology-enhanced classrooms.

  • Learn what YOU can do with CAS and other technologies to empower your students.

  • Interact with prominent CAS pioneers from the USA and internationally.


Participant remarks from past USACAS conferences:

"It was the best "small" conference that I have ever attended. I look forward to the

next conference!"

-Dennis St John, Ph.D., Central Michigan University

"It was a first-class conference on an extremely important topic. As some of the presenters showed today, CAS can also help students develop a deep understanding of early algebraic thinking."

-Peter Balyta, Ph.D., President, TI Education Technology


"I first attended USACAS in 2007.  That conference had a greater impact on my growth as a teacher than any other that I have ever attended."

-Dennis Wilson, Mathematics Teacher, Landmark Christian School

USACAS Conference 

June 14-16, 2019 

Highland Park High School

433 Vine Avenue

Highland Park, IL 60035





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