Attend the 3rd Annual USACAS Conference


Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) have the potential to revolutionize mathematics education at the secondary level. They do for Algebra & Calculus what calculators do for arithmetic: simplify expressions, solving equations, factoring, taking derivatives, and much more. 

With CAS, students have the power to solve many problems earlier – some which would otherwise remain inaccessible. CAS enable one to delay the teaching of some manipulative skills and completely eliminate others. 

In short, CAS grant teachers new freedom.

Come explore the future of mathematics education!

  • Discover how secondary and middle school teachers are using CAS in their own classrooms. 

  • Get classroom-tested lesson ideas developed for CAS-enhanced classroom environments. 

  • Learn what other countries are doing with CAS.

  • Interact with prominent CAS pioneers from the USA and beyond.



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